PianoVision Tab Features

  • Color Coded

    The tablature displays blue letters for the left hand and red letters for the right hand notes. Blue and red numbers are used in the left column to demonstrate the rhythm timing.

  • Visible Keyboard

    A keyboard template is used as a guide, visible at the top of each page. Middle C is highlighted in the keyboard template header for easy reference on where to start the song.

  • Rhythm Count

    A color coded rhythm count is located in the left column along with each measure number, chord, special instructions and dynamic markings if needed.


PianoVision Tab is an interesting and fun way for musicians to play well-known songs on the piano. The most remarkable feature about PianoVision Tab is that it modifies standard sheet music and uses letters instead of notation, so those who want to play the piano can learn in a much easier and more visual way.

What It's All About

PianoVision Tab is an innovative and unconventional hybrid method of reading music. It displays the note letters and fingering numbers to be played not just "numbers" like seen with "Ultimate Guitar Tab". This method of tablature is particularly helpful for piano beginners, and for those who want to learn new songs every once in a while.

If you're a visual learner, intimidated with the complexities of reading standard piano sheet music, and want an additional tool to learn a song (besides watching tutorials on YouTube, Yousician and Synthesia video's) PianoVision Tab is for you.

A Little About Me

I began my love for music in 1968 when I received a guitar for Christmas. Soon after I enrolled in group lessons and within a couple months I was told by my instructor that I was the only student in the class that was practicing and that his class would be to slow for me. He advised me to go about learning guitar on my own, so I did. I would go to music stores and buy classical guitar sheet music, bring it home and study for hours. That went on for about 40 years.

I currently teach piano and guitar in Orange County, California. My fascination for piano began a few years ago when I completely restored and tuned my 1901 Ivers & Pond upright piano. I absolutely love the sound of that piano but found myself frustrated because I could not produce the beautiful music I know it was worthy of.

PianoVision Tab was first created as a tool to help me learn to play a Bach Prelude on the piano. I am basically a guitar player that wants to also play piano. As a teacher of guitar and beginning piano, I appreciate and understand the value of reading music as well as playing by ear and with over 40 years experience involved with music, I know that reading the grand staff of piano notation is difficult and slow for most musicians.

Because this method of reading piano music works so well for me, it became my mission to share it to the world and music community to enjoy.

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